Exercising with rabbits in the room

Occasionally, I enjoy doing yoga in my bedroom/rabbit area. Since the bunnies and I share the same space, they are allowed to watch me do my yoga. Both bunnies are very interested in what I am doing. Russell loves running on the blanket I put down, I can not use a yoga mat because Russell attempts to destroy it. Petunia, my shy bunny, will even come over and nudge me to see what I am doing. I like to imagine they are joining me in a sense but since Russell typically just wants me to pet him during the whole yoga video, I may be wrong.

3 thoughts on “Exercising with rabbits in the room

  1. I used to have a house Rabit called Crystal. She hated it when my girlfriend would visit. She would stand in front of her and thump her back foot on the floor.


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