Cutting Rabbit Nails

Although there are many great times I have with my rabbits, there are also some challenges. The biggest obstacle I have been faced with is cutting their nails. A few years ago, I adopted my rabbits and knew that they were quite anxious. They do not like being picked up and prefer their own space which can make it difficult when I need to cut their nails. I have tried many methods, the most successful one being the vet. I would have to get the rabbits in their carrier which was also a struggle. After doing this many times, it became more and more exhausting. I am now at the point where I would like to cut the rabbits nails in their own home. I will try to start with filing their nails as it is easier than cutting. Any tips are recommended.

3 thoughts on “Cutting Rabbit Nails

  1. Have had rabbits and clipping those nails is tough, except for the most tame, easy-going of rabbits. I once clipped too far and hit the dark section of the nail. My only tip is that it is easier to clip again later than hit the dark part. It hurts and they WILL remember if you get the area that hurts…..hope that helps some….

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    1. That is my biggest fear which is cutting the nail too much. I do not want to cause any pain to the bunnies and it is difficult to do a careful job with two rabbits that wiggle away every time they get their nails cut. Thanks for the advice.

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